Our Story

How it all started...

There have been three iterations of Encounter City Church. The church was founded in 1954 as Calvary Mission by Mabel Pierson. It began in a three room building at 9th and Wilson Streets in downtown Santa Rosa. Sister Mabel led the church until 1956.

Under new leadership, the church was officially brought into the Assemblies of God in 1960 and the name was changed from Calvary Mission to Calvary Assembly of God. In 1965, the Stony Point property, only grasslands at the time, was purchased from Thomas and Mary Garrison. The total cost of the entire property was $11,500,but the church only bought a portion of it for $8,500. A down payment of $2,000 was made with monthly payments of $60. After purchasing the property a single-wide mobile home was brought onto the property for church services. That mobile home serves as the parsonage to this day. Electricity was brought in and a well was dug. There were 30-40 people attending at the time.

In 1969,  Christian Life Church took the church over. It was at this time the current Fireside Room was built to be the main sanctuary. The trailer was then used for classrooms.  Then in 1974, the current sanctuary was built. It was dedicated November 21st, 1976. Finally, in 1986, the north property was purchased for $90,000 and in 1980, the offices and classrooms were constructed.

From Calvary Mission to Calvary Assembly of God, the church has been a vital part of SW Santa Rosa. There have been many years of effective witness and ministry that has graced this property representing hundreds of lives impacted with the gospel.

Expanding the vision...

In 2013, Pastors Mark & Debbie McBride and their family came to serve as Lead pastors. It's been under their leadership that the church changed its name to Encounter City Church, reflecting a renewed focus on both mission and ministry.  The sanctuary was remodeled and many ministries were revitalized and re-launched.  Fresh vision has sparked a new wave of God's presence and power. It's taken a lot of intentional effort, but a culture of spiritual hunger, humility and holiness is something we cultivate and protect. 

Our mission has never been more clear.  We are called to reach our city with the life changing presence of God. We believe the best is still yet to come.

Where we are headed...

We desire to be a church for our city, not just a church for other believers. We are contending for a move of God in the North Bay that will change the spiritual climate of a region, spark transformation in the hearts of thousands and break the powers of darkness over the Bay area.

We are believing for two things: revival and awakening. For us, revival isn't just a buzzword, it's our identity and it goes hand in hand with a much needed regional awakening that would see a multiplied harvest of souls.  We intend to make a kingdom impact and we stake our claim on the North Bay for Christ.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 10:30 am.